Silas Longshanks, an acquisitions specialist, has reached an age where actually going out and getting his hands dirty isn’t nearly as interesting as it once was. However, Silas has a lifestyle to maintain.

What is an adventurer to do when their income slows down and their expenses go up? Well, start a business of course!

Through his contacts Silas has rounded up a fine team of individuals to start his Organisation in Droaam. Purchasing two aging decrepit buildings to serve as his base of operations he’s quickly put his name out as the place to come when you aren’t interested in the “Exorbitant, Exploitative and Excessive Fees” of the Dragon Marked houses and better known guilds.

Currently, AI&P is small enough to escape notice of any of the power brokers of Eberron, especially in a lawless land such as Droaam. Who knows what the future will bring!

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Silas Longshanks' Acquisitions, Information, and Protection Organisation