Campaign Date

The Campaign starts in YK 1003, the 9th day (Mol) of the month of Nymm, five years after the end of the Last War.

Some of SLAIPO’s employees served on opposite sides in the war, a few even served on multiple sides.

Khorvaire, even lands as wild as Droaam, still reels from the war. The death of Cyre, the creation of new countries, even if not officially recognized. The world is the same and different as it was before the peace of Thronehold.

While the members of SLAIPO occasionally have spirited discussions on the Last War and the merits of the different sides views, much like religion it is more an intellectual exercise than a fight of conviction.

Not many “true believers” in anything become adventurers for profit. A few, like Vanyi, do to further their own ends, but mostly they believe in themselves, in profit, in knowledge and power and experience.

Campaign Date

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