Silas Longshanks' Acquisitions, Information, and Protection Organisation

Relics of Dhakaan
The Worship of Orcremesh(fix spelling)

(This is just short-hand. Details later)

Assembled at (Slaipo slugtext)‘s offices in the Great Crag.
Mission briefed by (Ogre’s slugtext). Recover ancient Dhakaani bookery in a lost temple in the middle of Gnoll territory.
Briefing ended/interrupted by (Goblin’s slugtext)
Party given a map, set out for the lost temple.
Three days of travel mostly uneventful. Met a Tharashk caravan coming from the Gnoll territory, headed back the Crag. Caravan leader informed the party that the local Gnoll tribe was sated and less of a threat than normal.
Observed a tribe of 30 or so Gnolls moving their way across the land. Avoided.
Ambushed in the second night by a group of Gnoll (scouts?). Dispatched without injury to the party.
Discovered the location of the lost temple. In a canyon, buried under a rockslide. Pry rocks from temple entrance and proceed inside.
Set upon by giant bats in the main room. Dispatched with minor injuries to the party.
Main room contained large ornate statuary of the Fiend (Orcremesh’s slugtext & proper spelling).
Two side rooms contained ornate relif murals of (Orcremesh’s slugtext & proper spelling) being worshiped by the ancient Dhakaani.
Down a side tunnel the party found a sacrificial table, and a flying set of eyeballs that shot lasers and tried to choke (Hamhock’s slugtext and real name) to death. Dispatched with severe choking to (Hamhock’s slugtext and real name), but he got better.
Upon further examination of the main room, a secret door was discovered.
Down the secret tunnel the party was set upon by dart traps, magical oozes, summoned rats, and oh yes; lots of bricks. Dispatched with moderate injury to the parts, and a mild concussion for (Salel’s slugtext).


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